Lego Pirate Ship - Pirate Ships from Lego Theme

Black Seas Barracuda (Lego ID 6285) – Since its introduction in 1989, this popular 900 pieces set became a template for all pirate-themed sets that were released to the public in the following years and decades. It was re-released in 2001 under the same name (Lego ID 10040).

Skull's Eye Schooner (Lego ID 6286) – Also known as “The Black Skull” is the largest ship that was released in the Classic Pirate Series from 1993 and is regarded as one of the best Lego sets of all time that have less than 1000 Lego pieces.

Red Beard Runner (Lego ID 6289) - This “Marauder” pirate ship gained a reputation for being the perfect set for beginners. Featuring 707 Lego pieces and 7 minifigs, it represents the true classic set of the early pirate ships Lego line.

Renegade Runner (Lego ID 6268) – Known under names “Sea Vulture” and “Seastar”, this small Sloop ship consist from only 178 Lego pieces and 4 minifigs and represents one of the most common pirate ships from the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean sea.

Cross Bone Clipper (Lego ID 6250) – The smallest pirate ship that was released on the market in 1997. It features only 154 pieces and 3 minifigs.

Brickbeard's Bounty (Lego ID 6243) – One of the most impressive pirate ships sets released in 2009, featuring very high details in its 592 parts and 8 minifigs. As many other modern sets, it can be built in a modular way.

Imperial Flagship (Lego ID 6271) – Also known as “Admiral's Ship Sea Lion”, this large pirate hunting Galleon features very narrow hull design, impressive-looking sail rigging and great governor minifig.

Caribbean Clipper (Lego ID 6274) – Another pirate hunting Galleon from 1989 Lego set has found success on the market with his simple but detailed design that spans 378 Lego figures and 4 minifigs.

Armada Flagship (Lego ID 6280) – This mid-sized ship that is known under the name "The Galleon Santa Cruz" is one of the best naval trading vessel sets that was released in the late 1990s. Because of its popularity, this ship was re-released in 2001 under the same name (Lego ID 6291).

Red Beard Runner (Lego ID 6290) – This impressively big pirate ship that was released in limited quantities is regarded as one of the best pirate sets that were released in the early 2000s. It consists of almost 700 pieces and 7 minifigs.

Captain Kragg's Pirate Boat (Lego ID 7072) – Very small pirate boat made from just 36 Lego pieces, the flagship of the mighty captain Kragg.

Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship (Lego ID 7075) – Entry-level middle-sized Galleon pirate ship that consists of 131 Lego pieces and 4 minifigs.

Pirate Ship (Lego ID 7881) – Very small pirate ship of just 33 Lego pieces that surprisingly manages to hosts 2 minifigs.

Big Pirate Ship (Lego ID ) - Small 60-piece pirate ships with a very impressive visual design.

The Brick Bounty (Lego ID 70413) – One of the most impressive flagship pirate ships that were released in 2015, featuring 745 pieces and 7 minifigs. It is often regarded as the companion of the original Black Seas Barracuda (Lego ID 6285) from 1989.

MetalBeard's Sea Cow (Lego ID 70810) - Truly impressive steampunk-themed pirate ships that consist from incredible 2741 Lego parts. Aimed at true Lego fans because of its complicated build.

Pirate Ship Ambush (Lego ID 79008) – This great pirate ship has a Lord of the Rings fantasy theme, making it one of the most unique lego sets on the market.

The Black Pearl (Lego ID 4184) – Famous black pirate ships of Jack Sparrow, recreated in incredible detail with its 804 Legi pieces and 6 minifigs.

Queen Anne's Revenge (Lego ID 4195) – Incredible Blackbeard's ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise represents one of the best pirate Lego sets that was released ever.

Imperial Flagship (Lego ID 10210) – True masterpiece Lego set in a Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, consisting of 1664 detailed pieces and 9 great minifigs.