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Our pirate crew of writers changed many times over the years! Many retied and lived to tell the tale: Captain Prohaska Aleksandar, Whistler, Jelena, Space Pirate Dajic. But as Dread Pirate Roberts, the legend lives on with the new crew: Captain Ukase Paolo & Quartermaster Mladen.

We have been sailing since 2006! Longer than most pirate carriers.

Our little port (website) is updated periodically, several times a year. We add new texts, but often update old articles with additional information.

If you need exact information about writers and references, contact us for more info!

And no, we are not affiliated with any pirate, but if you are aspiring pirate and you need the promotion we can cut some kind of deal!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Be as precise as possible.

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We receive a lot of emails; please be patient!

What we like to do:

  • Help you with your assignment (but not to write you one)
  • Find out if you are descendant of the great pirate (you’re not, but it’s still fun)
  • Talk about pirates

Please note that on some types of emails we reply with a message in a bottle. Some of them include:

  • Demanding something
  • Not reading this page and using specified Email Subject

So, if you have not received an email from us, please check your nearest large body of water! We’re sure you’ll find answers and maybe even treasure there!