Golden Age of Piracy

Pirates time

Since the ancient times, there were particular periods in which piracy was constant threat throughout many seas and oceans. However, it was in the early 18th century, when the pirates were the most overwhelming and influential in history of the world. It was a time, in which almost all important sea-trade routes were constantly impacted by enormous number of notorious sea-robbers. That period is idealistically called Golden Age of Piracy.

The Golden Age of Piracy began in mid-1680s, just as the last buccaneers disappeared from the Caribbean. It was a result of many circumstances like the ends of many wars and lack of decent naval employment. Many sailors and privateers found themselves without jobs. Therefore, they naturally choose piracy as the trade, knowing it was the best opportunity for them. What encouraged them most is a lack of the strong government in the Caribbean islands and in other American colonies which allowed pirates to sail free and pillage ships without any potential punishment.

Picture Of Pirates Fighting To Be The Captain

The Golden Age pirates plundered ships in the Caribbean mostly, but Atlantic coast, West Coast of Africa, Indian Ocean and South China Sea were also constantly terrorized. It was also a time of most famous names among pirates. Legends like Blackbeard and Bartholomew Roberts plundered many ships and killed countless victims in early 1700s. They have been giving inspiration to many writers for over 300 years, and they are still well known today.

People like, Woodes Rogers, the governor of Bahamas, were the most responsible for suppressing piracy. He and his followers brought order not only to Bahamas, but to the entire Caribbean Sea. Many pirates were hanged, many of them retired and few tried to find their luck in the Atlantic Ocean. However, one thing was certain, the Golden Age of Piracy was coming to an end. Around 1730, increased military presence and international anti-piracy laws, banished almost every single pirate and finally put an end to the Golden Age of Piracy.

Picture Of Pirates Fighting To Be The Captain
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