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Queen Anne's Revenge - Blackbeard

There is no doubt that famous Blackbeard's flagship, Queen Anne's Revenge is most famous pirate ship of all time. In November 1717, in the eastern Caribbean, Captain Benjamin Hornigold captured a 300-ton frigate, originally named Concord (Le Concorde de Nantes). This ship had 26 guns, and was captured from French merchants. Hornigold gave this ship to his first mate, Blackbeard, who renamed her to "The Queen Anne's Revenge". Upgraded pirate ship had 40 guns and carried 150 pirates. With The Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeard made his famous act, when he blocked Charleston and captured 8 valuable vessels. The Queen Anne's Revenge was also famous for sea-battle victory over powerful warship, HMS "Scarborough". Ship sank near Beaufort, North Carolina in 1718.

The Queen Anne's Revenge was apparently found in late 1996 in the shoals of the Beaufort Inlet at Beaufort, NC. Since wreck site's discovery, researchers have attempted to determine whether it is the remains of this legendary pirate ship.

Adventure Galley - Captain William Kidd

The Adventure Galley was a specially designed galley-warship weighing over 284 tons, equipped with 34 cannons and 100 skillful crewmembers. Ship was given to famous pirate/privateer Captain Kidd by The King’s officers for attacks on pirates and French East Indian Co. ships in the Eastern Seas. The biggest sea-victory of this pirate ship was in January 1698 against an Armenian ship, Quedah Merchant, the treasure ship that belonged to the British East India Company. After that battle, Captain Kidd replaced The Adventure Galley with Quedah as his flagship. He left The Adventure Galley behind ordering her to be burnt because she was already rotten.

Picture Of Queen Anne's Revenge - Benjamin Hornigold's La Concorde

Fancy - Henry Every

Every was a middle-aged mate aboard Charles II, a powerful privateer ship. Every organized mutiny and was selected as the new pirate captain of Charles II while they were anchored in La Coruña in 1694. He renamed ship "Fancy" and adjusted him. Fancy had 46-guns, carried 140 crew members and was one of the fastest vessels at that time. With this ship Every started two successful years of plundering throughout Indian Ocean, capturing every vessel in sight and spreading his villainous reputation across the seas. The biggest victory of this ship was against 40-gun Great Moguls flagship, Gang-i-Sawai.

The Golden Hind (The Pelican)

The Golden Hind captained by Sir Francis Drake was one of the most famous ships in sailing history. This ship took historic and exciting voyage around the World and was the only vessel to return from that expedition. The Golden Hind was galleon armed with 18 guns of various sizes and weighing about 100 tons. This flagship was originally known as the Pelican but Drake renamed her to "Golden Hind" during voyage in 1577 after Drake already lost two ships. The length of The Golden Hind voyage was 2 years, 10 months, and 18 days. Many ships in popular culture have name and associations of The Golden Hind.

Some other famous pirate ships include:

  • Captain John Gow's merchant ship – Revenge (former Caroline);
  • Calico Jack's sloop - William;
  • Edward England's galleys - Fancy, Royal James (former Pearl) and Victory;
  • Bartholomew Roberts' ships - Royal Fortune, Great Fortune & Great Ranger;
  • Thomas Tew' sloops - Liberty and the Amity;
  • Charles Vane's sloop - Ranger.
Picture Of Queen Anne's Revenge - Benjamin Hornigold's La Concorde
Picture Of Henry Every And Fancy Ship
Picture Of Henry Every And Fancy Ship
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