Famous Pirate: Benjamin Hornigold

Blackbeard's tutor

Benjamin Hornigold is a typical example of a Caribbean privateer who turned to piracy after the War of the Spanish Succession had ended. However, fate brought him one more duty in career, he became a pirate hunter. People described him as a skilled captain who was kinder to the prisoners then other pirates. Perhaps Hornigold was most famous as a companion of notorious pirate, Blackbeard.

Although facts of his privateer days are unknown, Hornigold was very successful in that period, which made him a notable leader and captain. When war ended and no more jobs left Hornigold sailed from New Providence and became the pirate captain. In his crew he had many skilful pirates. Some of them, like Samuel Bellamy, later became more famous and even more successful then him. Of course, his most famous apprentice was legendary Edward Teach, nicknamed Blackbeard.

Picture Of Queen Anne's Revenge - Benjamin Hornigold's La Concorde

Hornigod was aware of Blackbeard's abilities and potential, so he rewarded Teach with a vessel, a small crew and the captain's title. It was 1717 when they sailed together as partners and easily plundered many ships across the Caribbean Sea and American continent. On their way back they captured a rich French Dutch Flute, "Concorde" which had 26 guns. That was the greatest Hornigold's pray as a pirate, but also the last one.

With arrival of Woodes Rogers who became the governor of Bahaims, many Caribbean pirates decided to receive the king's pardon. As ex-privateer Hornigold also decided to take amnesty so he left Blackbeard and the pirates. He moved back to New Providence. He was a faithful servant. Therefore his partnership with Rogers was excellent and the governor taught highly of him.

Horingold was employed as a privateer, or more precisely a pirate hunter. Charles Vane was his main target. Unfortunately, he never captured him although many other pirates from Caribbean were hanged because of him. However, Beside John Auger, rest of them was less known. In 1719, trading voyage to Mexico turned murderous for Hornigold. His ship was wrecked on a reef far from land, and he drowned with his entire crew.

Picture Of Queen Anne's Revenge - Benjamin Hornigold's La Concorde
Picture Of Queen Anne's Revenge - Benjamin Hornigold's La Concorde
NameBenjamin Hornigold
Known AsCaptain Hornigold
Activity RegionCaribbean
ShipsLa Concorde