Other Pirate Close Ranged

Boarding axe

Boarding axes were not so effective in battles. A boarding axe is generally heavy and very slow, and practically unusable in ship fights (although it would kill foe immediately). However, to pirate, boarding axe was an invaluable tool for the most various tasks, like climbing the side of opponent’s ships. Boarding axes were also used for cutting through ropes, riggings, nets and wood. A pirate could practically disable whole ship with this weapon (cut doors and hatches, bring down the masts). Even Vikings used axes suited for the ships.

Picture Of Algerine Pirate Ship Boarded By British Sailors

Boarding pike

This weapon was usual equipment on any ship. Because of its length, boarding pike proved to be very effective against the most of pirate weapons like cutlass. It could reach opponent’s hear before he even wield his sword. They were also used as a throwing weapon. Boarding pikes used on pirate ships were shorter than normal land version of pikes (length is around 5 feet). They were also used in defense to repel an attempt to board ship.

The Marlinespike

Picture Of Marlinspike With Lanyard

Marlinespike is an iron hand tool used to unravel a rope on a ship while splicing and also for uniting knots. Although it is not a weapon in a classic way, marlinspike is enlisted here because it was used as a handy weapon in some occasions like mutinies, when no other weapons are around. This tool have a round blade with a sharp point, mostly used for destroying ships with heavy cannonballs.

Picture Of Boarding Of Spanish Frigate Esmeralda 1820