Sid Meier's Pirates! - Video Game by Sid Meier

Sid Meier's Pirates! Is arguably the most popular pirate-themed video game of all time (together with Secret of the Monkey Island franchise), managing since 1987 to give players form all around the world chance to create and manage their pirate fleet and amass vast fortune that they can invest into new ventures. The core gameplay loop of the game puts player into the open-world setting of Caribbean commanding position of their small pirate ships. Battling weather, ships from several fractions, hash trading prices and time limits, players are tasked to slowly amass more wealth and purchase (or win) new ships that are more powerful and have more space for cargo.

The Cover Art For Sid Meier's Pirates!

At the start of the game players can pick the starting time period, with several choices set between 1560 and 1660, during which political environment inside Caribbean seas changed drastically with the fall of the Spanish influence and rise of the presence of English fleets. Entire playing field of the game is randomized for each player, giving everyone chance to have unique experience. Majority of game is showcased via overhead view of your ship sailing across the seas. Players can battle other ships, travel to ports, trade between islands, lay sieges to forts and cities, fence on the decks of ships and more.

Of course, the game features many famous historical pirates who are present not only on the top 10 listing of most notorious pirates, but can also be tracked, engaged and defeated in combat by the player. Defeatin them is a hard task, but reward is substantial. Famous pirates that can be found are Calico Jack Rackham, Captain William Kidd, Henry Morgan, Blackbeard, Francois L'Ollonais, Roc Brasiliano, Stede Bonnet, Bartholomew Roberts and several others. The most successful historical pirate in the game is Henry Morgan, whose treasure is worth 10 thousand gold pieces.