Secret of the Monkey Island

Pirate Game

Secret of the Monkey Island is one of the most popular Lucas Arts adventure games . The first game in the series originally was released in 1990.

The project creator and designer was Ron Gilbert. His innovative ideas and original approach brought an enormous popularity of Monkey Island games and became standard for the click-and-point adventures in the 90's.

Main character is Guybrush Threepwood, funny and likeable young man with no past. He has come to Mêlée Island in the Caribbean, with an ultimate goal, to become a mighty pirate .

In an attempt to prove himself as worthy pirate, he must complete the three trials of piratehood. While trying to complete one of them, he meets the beautiful governor of Mêlée, Elaine Marley and falls in love with her immediately.

Picture Of Monkey Island

However, the evil ghost pirate , LeChuck has also been obsessed with Elaine for a long time. In a course of events, he kidnaps the governor and intends to marry her. Therefore, Guybrush must get a crew and a ship to sail to the ghost pirate's nest, Monkey Island, in attempt to rescue her. LeChuck and his spooky crew have been feared throughout the seas and this journey will not be easy at all…

Although it is a pirate based, this game is everything but bloody and violent. In fact, one of the main qualities of the game is humor and the hilarious dialogues . The story is enjoyable and entertaining. The puzzles are challenging, but not very hard. The game consists of a lot unique moments, like the sword fights . During fight, Guybrush must use a proper insult, so an opponent could not respond correctly, in order to defeat him. The game is also full of extremely funny characters with odd personalities. Many of them appear in sequels of this classic game.

If you have never played Monkey Island games, and you are a fan of pirates and good humor, do not hesitate to try this game!

Picture Of Monkey Island
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