History of Piracy List

History of Pirates and Pirate Places

This section covers pirate history, from the ancient times to the present. Find out where the most famous pirate's hideouts were and about the regions where they plied their trade of harassment.

Types of Pirates

From ancient piracy to modern piracy, there were different kinds of pirates and piracy. Here you can read more about different types of pirates.

Picture Of Buccaneer Of The Caribbean

The Buccaneers

Brief history of the 17th century pirates and their conflicts with Spain in the New World.

Picture Of Barbary Pirate Corsairs

The Corsairs

The term Corsair describes both the Muslim naval raiders who sacked western Mediterranean shores between 16th and early 19th century, but modern public associate it with privateers of 17th and early 18th century who went rogue and attacked everyone in their sights. Learn more about the history of corsairs here.

Picture Of The Pirates Of Penzance

The Pirates

General text about pirates. Description who they indeed were, and why are they so notorious and exciting.

Picture Of Privateer

The Privateers

The facts about naval soldiers who can be described as pirates only in a style of their actions.

Picture Of Viking Pirates

The Vikings

Terrifying warriors who pillaged Europe a thousand years ago. Their action and behavior associate them to the classic pirates.

History of Piracy

Here you can find all about ancient and modern piracy including timeline of piracy history.

Picture Of Mosaic Of A Roman Trireme Ancient Piracy

Ancient Piracy

An article about the oldest pirates and how they affected great Greek, and latter Roman Empire.

Picture Of Mary Read Pirate

Female Pirates

Piracy was almost always a lifestyle choice that men partake in, but during the history of piracy and Age of Sail naval combat, several women managed to become part of that society. Learn more about female pirate here.

Picture Of Pirates Fighting To Be The Captain

Golden Age of Piracy

An article about the short period between 1680 and 1730, when pirates were most influential in history of piracy.

Picture Of Niger Delta A Center Of Piracy

Modern Piracy

Facts about modern sea-criminals who are often called "pirates".

Picture Of Mosaic Of A Roman Trireme Ancient Piracy

Piracy Timeline

Here you can find out more about timeline of piracy and its most important facts. From its first beginnings 3000 years ago in Mediterranean, most famous ages of piracy in Central America and Indian sea, to the modern day struggles of the coast of Somalia.

Pirate Books

Pirate books can give you incredible insights into real lives on the pirate sea, long before modern literature and art transformed how we view these old adventurers and thieves who terrorized the seas during the time known as Golden Age of Piracy. Descriptions of real accounts, documents, wrecks, and exploits of real people can transform you into an age when piracy was real.

Picture Of Map Of Areas Under Threat By Somali Pirates

Somali Pirates

Throughout the history times of war and poverty always had big effect on the creation of pirate activity. This effect can even today be observed of the coast of Somalia, where instable governments, civil wars and widespread poverty and crime created the need for massive pirate fleets that endanger the lives of thousands each year.

Regions and Places

Madagascar, the waters of Gibraltar, the Strait of Malacca, the Gulf of Aden, the English Channel, and other similar geographic structures facilitated pirate attacks. Here you can read about the history of piracy in a few central regions and other relevant places.

Picture Of New Providence Island

New Providence

Famous pirates' hideout which latter transformed into the center base of the Caribbean surpassing piracy.

Picture Of Old Port Royal

Port Royal

Facts about Port Royal, famous buccaneers' hideout, that was once called "the richest and wickedest city in the world".

Picture Of Tortuga 17th Century


This little island and the small northwest part of Hispaniola was the strongest buccaneers' base for many years, and alongside Port Royal, the most important in Buccaneers' history.

Triangle Trade Model

Triangular Trade

Triangular Trade describes the tendency of naval merchant shipping to travel between three trading posts set on the different continents. The presence of such established routes enabled pirates to plan their raids and disturb economies of many countries.

Picture Of The Caribbean Islands West Indies

West Indies

Text about geographic location and brief history off the West Indies..

Windward Islands - The Pitons at Soufriere Saint Lucia

Windward Islands

The Windward Islands represent the chain of islands in the southwest part of Caribbean. This part of the sea saw much trade and pirate activity during the Age of Sail, including skirmishes that involved some of the most prominent names in the pirate history.

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