Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

Third movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean was the last in the original trilogy of films conceived at the time of the creation of the first movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl. Thematically, it represents the direct continuation of the adventures in the first two movies that were set in a fantastical pirate-themed world where ancient legends are true and main characters have to battle insurmountable odds to achieve their goals. The cast of the original two films returned again, with several new characters introduced, most notably Chow Yun-fat as South China Sea pirate lord Sao Feng who was based on the legendary Chinese pirate Cheung Po Tsai.

Theatrical Release Poster For Pirates Of The Caribbean At World's End

The storyline of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End revolves around the wish of Lord Beckett to extinguish piracy forever. He managed to start his plan by forcing Davy Jones to follow his orders, but during the movie he was strongly opposed by the united forces of Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann, and William Turner who went on the mission to save the life of Captain Hack Sparrow who was captured inside Davy Jones' Locker. By the end of the film, Sparrow and Barbossa manage to form the alliance of all surviving influential pirate captains, mounting an offensive against East India Company and Davy Jones ship The Flying Dutchman. By the end of the film, Will Turner succeeds Davy Jones as the captain of The Flying Dutchman, while Barbossa and Sparrow renew their feud by both hindering each other on their quest to find the mystical Fountain of Youth.

After the release of the movie, film received mixed critical reviews but the audience response was positive and film managed to earn over 960 million dollars on the worldwide box office.