Pirate Comic: Tales of the Witchblade

A tale of Anne Bonny, Witchblade of the High Seas

Tales of the Witchblade are series of short stories about women, who were in possession of the powerful weapon Witchblade. The First story is about Anne Bonny, famous woman pirate, who lived in beginning of the 18th century. This is actually prequel to the story of (regular) Witchblade 9.

Anne Bony and Calico Jack Rackam team up with Mary Read and some William guy, in attempt to find the lost pirates' treasure. After arrival on the island, where they believed that treasure was hidden, newly formed crew found out that, they are not the only pirates who were searching for that treasure. Evil Blackbeard was also there!

Picture Of Tales Of The Witchblade

There are several references for real pirates, which are interpreted interestingly. Anne Bonny wears pants made from calico, similar to those, which real Jack Rackham was wearing. Mary Read is pregnant in the comic, as the real Mary was, when she was captured. Of course, there is also a lot of nonsense, which makes this comic a pirate parody. There are some interesting parts, like the scene where tigers eat Blackbeard.

Picture Of Tales Of The Witchblade