Christopher Moody

Christopher Moody (1694-1722) was a relatively famous pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy, known for his policy of no quarter (he did not spare the lives of prisoners) and unusual Jolly Roger Flag with red and gold colors.

Not much is known about Moody’s life and pirate raids. According to some sources, before becoming a captain, he was part of Robert Bartholomew’s crew, probably between 1713 and 1718 around North and South Carolina.

After his capture, he was hanged in 1722, at the Cape Coast Castle in Cabo Corso Ghana.

Christopher Moody’s Pirate Flag

​Christopher Moody’s flag was unusual for a pirate. He didn’t have a most common flag with a black background and white skull and crossbones on it, but a flag with a red background and images of a yellow hourglass with black wings , white arm with a dagger and a golden skull with crossbones. That hourglass represents the time that is flying away from his victims. Another sign of deadly intent was blood red pennants that were often tied to the ship’s main mast.

The idea for red flag idea was probably stolen from English privateers that have red flags by order of the Admiralty in 1694. After the end of War of Spanish Succession, many privateers became pirates and kept the red flag as a symbol of blood.

Christopher Moody Pirate Flag
Christopher Moody Pirate Flag
NameChristopher Moody
Activity RegionCape Coast, North Carolina, South Carolina