Mary Ormond - Blackbeard's Wife

Mary Ormond is mentioned as only legal wife of Blackbeard, but it is not much known about her life. It is only known that Marry Ormond was the daughter of William Ormand, a plantation owner from Bath in Somerset.

The life of Blackbeard has been a focus point of many historians, and all of them agree that even though there were stories about women in the life of this famous pirate captain, he married only once.

After losing his prized possession in the form of famous ship “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, he came to Bath, North Carolina where he applied for a Royal Pardon to the local Governor Charles Eden. To clearly show that he was fully intending to give up the life on the seas, the wealthy Edward Teach decided to buy a house and get married. By that time in his life, it was said that he had 13 wives of which no documentation or other historical data exists, but his 14th wife would be another matter.

This marriage that happened in 1718 was attended by the Governor Charles Eden who according to the law performed the marriage ceremony between Blackbeard and the 16-year-old girl Mary Ormond, daughter of the plantation owner William Ormond. It is important to note that many unconfirmed stories tell that Mary Ormond was 14-year-old at the time of the wedding and that she remained pregnant soon after. No actual reports of both her age or any children were ever found.

Just a few months after the marriage, the call of the sea became too strong to Blackbeard. He started sailing, bringing loot from his pirate raids in secret to his home and eventually leaving the town of Bath forever as the authorities turned to apprehend him. He died just a few months later on 22 November 1718 during a ferocious battle against Lieutenant Robert Maynard and his soldiers.

While it is believed that Blackbeard offered his wife as a gift to the crew of his ship Queen Anne's Revenge, there are no historical evidence to confirm that. Fate of Mary Ormond remained unknown.