Pirate Musical: The Pirate Queen

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The Pirate Queen is musical that premiered in Chicago in 2005. The musical moved to Broadway, and since than it has been big success (from March to June 2007).

Writer duo, Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil wrote The Pirate Queen, with several other American collaborators. In musical there was a spectacular cast of forty people led by Stephanie J. Block, Hadley Fraser, Linda Balgord, Marcus Chait, Jeff McCarthy and William Youmans.

The story of The Pirate Queen is based on the life of Grace O’Malley, 17th century pirate. A musical represent adventures Irish chieftain and pirate Grace O’Malley who was one of the last Irish clan leaders to resist the English conquest of Gaelic Ireland.

Grace O'Malley, known as the Pirate Queen was a contemporary of Queen Elizabeth. A musical is a fascinating historical corrective with presentation young women of the far flung world of the Celts and Vikings loved in the vigor of shipboard life.

Picture Of Pirate Queen Musical

Grace O’Malley (18 year) was daughter and only child of Dubhdara who was chieftain of the O’Malley clan. Grace learned sword-fighting from Tiernan who was her first love.

One day the Clan O’Malley arrived for the ship’s christening. The ship was named THE PIRATE QUEEN. Grace wanted to be a sailor, but there were many superstitions that a woman on a ship brings bad luck. Grace was ordered to leave the ship with other women. She disguised herself as a cabin boy and stowed away. Tiernan was sad because the woman he loved stayed on the ship.

Grace showed her true power and against all tradition, become a sea captain like her father. Grace O’Malley has proven that she is The Pirate Queen.

One day Lord Governor of Ireland commanded to quell the Irish rebellion and kill the woman pirate. Elizabeth, Henry VIII’s daughter by Anne Boleyn rescinds this instruction.

Dubhdara clan’s most ancient rival, the Clan O’Flaherty, arranged marriage between O’Malley’s daughter, Grace, and his son, Donal. Grace was in love with Tiernan, but she knew the necessity for such a political act. Grace wasn't happy with hers marriage to Donal, who was a drinker and a womanizer. Grace gave a birth, a Donald's baby, aboard her ship.

Only few hours after the birth of her baby, Grace O'Malley joined the fight with Algerian corsairs. Grace took up a sword and joined the fight on deck. Donal showed his cowardice and Grace, once again, was disappointment in Donald and her marriage. They won.

According to Irish “Brehon Laws,” a marriage becomes permanent only after three years. Grace banished Donal from her life. After that, Grace and Tiernan were free to be together.

Sir Richard Bingham who was married with Queen Elizabeth and his English troops killed many of the O’Malley clan and took Grace as prisoner. Tiernan loved Grace so much that he would sacrifice his life for hers. Elisabeth was shocked and accepted Tiernan’s offer (to exchange his life for hers) and released Grace. Grace O’Malley reunited with her son. After that she decided to take extreme action. She helped Tiernan to escape from prison.

Grace and Tiernan returned to Ireland and they were reunited with Eoin (Grace’s son). At last Grace and Tiernan married.

Picture Of Pirate Queen Musical