Pirate Comic: The Darkness

Black Sails

The Darkness is the comic book series, created by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis, and David Wohl and published by Top Cow Production. The first Darkness comic was printed in 1996. During late nineties, like many other Image comics, Darkness was very popular. However, in 2002, sales began to drop, so they decided to start from beginning and the series was re-launched. There are many one shots and crossovers with Darkness characters.

Black Sails is one-shot comic. It is story about a fictional character, Miguel Estacado, one of the most feared pirates of the 17th century. He is great ancestor of Jackie Estacado, main character of regular series, The Darkness.

Miguel Estacado is the fearful pirate captain who never takes prisoners. During one attempt of capturing Spanish galleon, he founds that treasure's guardian is (The) Maria Magdalena ! Eternal fight between forces of Dark (ness) and Light starts again.

I am not a big fan of artist Keu Cha, but I really enjoyed reading Black Sails. Art is beautiful with many details. Story is short, simple but still amusing.

There are not many references to real pirates. From historical people, only Henry Morgan was mentioned.